Magnetic Window Cleaner - The Glider

Magnetic Window Cleaner - The Glider

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Magnetic Window Cleaner - The Glider

Are You Tired Of Wringing Your Neck Every Time You Want To Clean Your Windows On Both Sides? With The Magnetic Window Cleaner, Cleaning Windows Is Much Easier, Faster, And Safer!

The Magnetic Window Cleaner is your new cleaning essential! You'll forget your troubles on cleaning your windows both from the inside and outside.

This Magnetic Window Cleaner cleans your windows simultaneously inside and outside. The principle is simple: with its strong magnets, you can glide the second cleaner from the outside without sticking your hand out from the second-floor window.


  • The only safe way to clean the outside of windows, which are wider than your arm length made of wear resistant and durable ABS plastic
  • Double-sided glass cleaning with a magnetic design which is not easy to fall off
  • Allows you to clean the outside of your windows while staying inside your room with a thick safety rope, to ensure safety
  • Effective for cleaning single glazing windows between 0.08" up to 0.3" / 2 - 8 mm thickness.
  • Used by professionals to clean hard to reach windows.
  • Clean windows of Thickness, with three type option
  • Extra durable Includes two microfiber cloths for scrubbing heavy dirt and polishing

Item Specifications: 

  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: Approximately 147mm x 56mm x 21mm

    Package includes:

    • 1 x Magnetic Window Cleaner
    • 1 x Plastic Separator to protect the squeegees while not in use
    • 2 x Cloth Rags
    • 1 x Manual

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